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rainbow drops

rainbow drops
"there are rainbows droping onto my hands xD"
"the sky droping them hahaha"
no , my little sister have it. we drop it into a glass or more water.
sadly it cant be eaten :'(
but still so cute enough that i wanted to eat them hahhaha xD
i love the colour of it, so lovely i love it >_<

young gintoki project

young gintoki sakata

i do work hard for this one next time.

its my first time cosplaying as gintoki, the young one. and maybe would do the older version of ginsan. but first of all, i must finish my kimono for this one xD

still have many things to fix up, from make-up to styling.
ill do my best next time!!!
#fight #fire #optimistic

manly face

alois trancy cosplay
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