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rainbow drops

rainbow drops
"there are rainbows droping onto my hands xD"
"the sky droping them hahaha"
no , my little sister have it. we drop it into a glass or more water.
sadly it cant be eaten :'(
but still so cute enough that i wanted to eat them hahhaha xD
i love the colour of it, so lovely i love it >_<

young gintoki project

young gintoki sakata

i do work hard for this one next time.

its my first time cosplaying as gintoki, the young one. and maybe would do the older version of ginsan. but first of all, i must finish my kimono for this one xD

still have many things to fix up, from make-up to styling.
ill do my best next time!!!
#fight #fire #optimistic

manly face

alois trancy cosplay
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awkard moment

well i get draged into . . . err some reunion.
its so awkard for me who always skip something like that.
cant act normaly. feel so sory to everyone who is there.

trolling face, eh?

back then there was someone told me that i must to expresing my expresion, because she/he (i dont remmember that person) get irritated with my expresionless face
and now here i am, with my trollingface



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